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This is the home of The Anfi Club GB. The only place for anyone who wishes to know all about the luxurious resorts on the south coast of Gran Canaria.

Unlike other clubs, you don't have to be an owner at Anfi. Anyone who uses the resort or is planning a visit is welcome to join and share this information.

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Our aim is to offer simple, clear advice and information to anyone who owns or likes visiting any of the Anfi resorts in Gran Canaria


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News Headlines


January 2017

> NEW Facebook group for Rentals & Resales launched


November 2015

>Annual Maintenance Fee Comparison added to Club Documants page


November 2014

> Resort Documents updated following Hack attack

> Anfi introduce new points system. Documents published here first.


October 2014

> New section added to Members section. "What the papers say"


January 2014

> Membership Renewal reminders out



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