Anfi History

The Anfi Resort Complex in Gran Canaria began in 1989 when Norwegian businessman Bjorn Lyng started on his quest to build a luxury timeshare resort in, what he deemed to be, an ideal location.

The term 'ANFI' is reported to be an abbreviation for the spanish word 'Anfiteatro' as the landscape resembled this shape


Work started with carving back the hillside to form Anfi Beach Club. The beach, gardens and pool were created first followed by blocks 1 & 2. Sales started in 1992 with first occupations in 1993.

Blocks 3 & 4 followed with the sales offices, for some time, being housed in the ground floor of block 4.

In 1994 the buildings along the seafront were completed and sales and admin moved there whilst blocks 5, 6 & 7 were constructed.


In total there are 282 apartments, a three section pool, gardens, bar & restaurant.

All Anfi Beach Club units were sold as "fixed week" ownership

In 1995, Club Puerto Anfi started to rise from the base of the cliff. On plan it takes the shape of the hull of a ship. Basically built in one stage there are two blocks rising to the level of the road above. Prior to construction, a lot of rock was excavated. It was used to construct the Anfi island, marina breakwaters and games and mini golf course area.


In total there are 165 apartments, a double pool, gardens, bar and restaurant. Mostly 1 bed units all originally sold as "fixed week" units except for a few penthouses at the top which were sold as private units.

In 1997, Club Monte Anfi was started on the shelf above and behind Puerto Anfi.  All the gardens and pool areas are built above the offices and road. A wonderful achievement that works well to hide these elements from general view.


In total, there are 230 apartments, 4 pools, gardens, bar and restaurant


Completed in 2000, Monte Anfi was a move away from the past and the majority of the sales were in 'floating time. However some 2 bed units and the penthouses were sold as fixed weeks.

It was at this time that the Premium Vacation Club (later to become 'Anfi Vacation Club') was initiated.

Following on from Monte Anfi, Club Gran Anfi was built on the headland. Originally, there were ambitious plans for a hotel with 'living river' but the reclaimed structure of the ground did not make this favourable. Eventually, to the disappointment of many early owners, the living river was abandoned. The current layout of gardens, pool and mini golf course was settled upon.

As with Monte Anfi, the majority of units were sold as 'floating time', with some 1-bed, 2-bed apartments and the penthouses being sold as fixed weeks.


In total there are 185 apartments, a double pool, gardens, bar and restaurant.

The company was stable for many years until Snr. Lyng decided he wished to expand his empire beyond the Anfi Del Mar Urbanisation area in 2001. For this, he needed extra funds and he sold a 51% controlling interest in the group to a German based travel company. This proved to be a disastrous partnership due to the conflict in interests between timeshare and the package holiday industry.


The additional funds allowed the company to start the next project in the nearby valley at Tauro. This was to be an even bigger complex of accommodation, golf course, shops, beach and marina.

The first section comprised of the Anfi Topaz private villas and 9-hole golf course built next to the motorway link from Puerto Rico.

This was followed by the Anfi Emerald Club and 18-hole championship golf course.


In total there are 119 apartments, two pools, gardens, bar and restaurant.


In 2005, Bjorn Lyng managed to buy back 1%, to give him a 50% share, and the remaining 50% was bought by the Spanish construction company Santana Cazorla. Since Snr. Lyng's passing, his share is controlled by his family.


Following on, we have the Anfi Turquoise complex of private villas and, most recently, the Anfi Opal villas which can be rented through the Anfi Vacation Club.

The whole complex now seems to be in limbo due to the world recession.

The next phase of the Anfi Ruby Club has yet to start construction.


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January 2017

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November 2014

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October 2014

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January 2014

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