Buying at Anfi

This experience can be fraught with problems although, if you have ever visited Anfi, you will know the end product can be worthwhile.

To gain full knowledge of what you can buy and how, you will need to know a little of the background to the sales activities on the complex over the years.

Definitions of Timeshare at Anfi

Fixed Time - A set week in a set apartment. Stay in the same apartment in the same week every year.

Floating Time - A week and apartment in a time period. Reservation needed to be allocated a week and apartment.

Floating/Fixed Time - Any apartment in a fixed week of the year. Reservation needed to be allocated an apartment.

Biennial Time - A fixed week and apartment but only available for occupation every other year.

Points - Points are allocated according to size and location of unit. These allow more flexibility to change around the resorts and also allow access to other facilities.


Each apartment attracts an annual maintenace fee depending on size. Details in resort facilities pages.

It should be noted that there is an additional annual fee for the booking facility for all floating, biennial & points systems. Currently €117pa for booking of floating weeks and €219pa for full AVC membership


From the developer

At the start units at Anfi, in Anfi Beach Club then Club Puerto Anfi, were sold as fixed time.

When Club Monte Anfi started the system was changed. Although it was possible to buy the penthouses and some 2 bed units in fixed time, the 1 bed units and remainder of 2 bed units were sold as floating time. There is no guarantee that you will get the same apartment or week number.


Similarly Club Gran Anfi was sold mostly as floating time but, around this time, Anfi introduced the Premium Vacation Club (now the Anfi Vacation Club) and started selling a points based system.


When Anfi Emerald Club was started the points system was extended to include that. Many members have been persuaded to buy at Emerald Club and to then use their points for weeks at the Anfi Del Mar resorts. This has caused some disquiet in certain quarters as members are not always able to book into the complex they purchased at.


Since 2008 all Anfi sales have been under floating/points systems with membership to the Anfi Vacation Club. It is no longer possible to buy fixed weeks through the developer company even returned fixed weeks at Anfi Beach Club and Club Puerto Anfi.


Sales techniques employed at Anfi are hard and long. All visitors to the resort, whether exchange, guest or owner, will be approached at some time during their stay with the hope that they can be persuaded to buy, upgrade or relocate. Saying NO is the easiest way out but be prepared for some hard selling from some reps.


From a reseller

This used to be the best and most cost effective way to buy at Anfi. After the early owners started to retire or move and weeks became available on the open market, Anfi did not take this opportunity to create an effective resale section so resale companies and private resales filled the vacuum. Prices can be up to 25% of those of the developer.


There are now several good, and not so good, resale agents in the world. This opens up a whole new can of worms.

Some 'reputable' resale agents can be found on our links page.

BEWARE though, there are many rogue companies out there, especially those who cold call you. Most will probably suggest you pay an upfront fee to see. DO NOT GO THERE.

There are also other owner clubs like this that have resale section and these deal mainly direct with the seller.


In the past two years, Anfi have been clamping down on the rights that resale owners have. Although, in our opinion these may be illegal, Anfi are restricting the way resale buyers can use their weeks.

Fixed week owners are not affected too much. You are always able to use the week you own. However, floating week resale owners are being penalised by being put to the bottom of the pecking order when it comes to reservations.

It is not possible to buy into the points system on the resale market.


Fees involved

Purchase from Anfi - Upwards of £12,000 depending on size and location.

Purchase from resale - From, possibly, less than £1,000 depending on vendors' needs.


Transfer fees are included in the purchase from Anfi. Private sales involve each party paying €350 for the certificate transfer + Public Notary fees for identification verification. (It is no longer possible to obtain verification in Customer Services at Anfi)

Transfer to a direct member of your family will cost €120

News Headlines


January 2017

> NEW Facebook group for Rentals & Resales launched


November 2015

>Annual Maintenance Fee Comparison added to Club Documants page


November 2014

> Resort Documents updated following Hack attack

> Anfi introduce new points system. Documents published here first.


October 2014

> New section added to Members section. "What the papers say"


January 2014

> Membership Renewal reminders out



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