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  • Gordon (Friday, May 22 15 04:45 pm BST)

    Jean, We have be going nearly 3 years now. Set up to give unbiased and non political information to Uk owners.

  • Jean Bell (Thursday, May 21 15 09:22 pm BST)

    I didn't know your club existed until a moment ago!!!!

  • Christine (Sunday, April 05 15 05:55 pm BST)

    Hi I have placed an advert for week 28 in monte anfi ... Could you elaborate the adverts a little in order to promote my week..

  • Alfie Hincks (Wednesday, April 30 14 06:49 pm BST)

    Can anyone Vive me information on purchasing in Anfi privately .

  • Alan Payne (Friday, February 14 14 07:12 pm GMT)

    If you really push them you can get a fixed week in any resort if available

  • Gordon Neepe (Sunday, January 05 14 10:32 am GMT)

    As far as we know they are only selling floating weeks on site.
    This is to be checked because, technically, it is not in accordance with the original contracts.

  • Paul Ravenscroft (Sunday, January 05 14 10:23 am GMT)

    Just a quick note, anfi are still selling fixed weeks in Puerto.

  • Iain Wilson (Friday, September 27 13 12:34 pm BST)

    interesting information

  • Julie Goodwin (Friday, May 03 13 06:49 pm BST)

    very informative site, well done.

  • Graham founder Timeshare Weekly (Tuesday, April 30 13 11:35 am BST)

    This looks like a well run website. If only all resorts had this support. There maybe issues that some members may be unhappy about but this is not displayed in the non members section. That is a big
    positive in my books

  • Rob Hayes (Thursday, November 29 12 12:59 pm GMT)

    Owner in CMA.
    This is a very good site, Evident that lots of work put in here, well done.
    Certainly added to my bookmarks.

  • Jon Swatton (Tuesday, September 25 12 05:49 pm BST)

    Still in its infancy but looking good already. The forum membership is steadily growing so I am looking forward to some active discussions in the future

  • Neal Fraser (Tuesday, August 28 12 11:41 am BST)

    karen when the forum is up i guess you'll get an answer to your question.

  • bill trent (Tuesday, August 28 12 09:27 am BST)

    A very informative site. Far superior than the UK one

  • Karen (Monday, August 27 12 05:57 pm BST)

    Just found your site. I don't own at Anfi but would like to rent. How do I do that ?

  • Alan Baker (Friday, August 24 12 09:46 am BST)

    A great information site

  • George McDonald (Wednesday, August 22 12 06:15 pm BST)

    Wonderful information. Well Done

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January 2017

> NEW Facebook group for Rentals & Resales launched


November 2015

>Annual Maintenance Fee Comparison added to Club Documants page


November 2014

> Resort Documents updated following Hack attack

> Anfi introduce new points system. Documents published here first.


October 2014

> New section added to Members section. "What the papers say"


January 2014

> Membership Renewal reminders out



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